Step 1: Please clean the front bumper surface or the position that you want to put on it before starting installation.

Step 2: Setup position and measure length of the front bumper that you want to install it.

Step 3
According to the measuring result, mark the place for hole drilling on 3 pieces front lips.

Step 4After drilling holes on 3 pieces front lips, adjusting the angle and length then temporarily secure it by using the bolts inside the installation pack.

Step 5
Put the temporarily fastener 3 pieces front lips under place closely to front bumper for marking the position to drill the holes on the front bumper.

Step 6After drilling holes on front bumper, adjusting the angle and length then fixing with the 3 pieces front lips and screwing tight all of bolts to finish the installation.

Step 7For some special shape style design front bumper, you may need adhesive double sided tape, automotive silicone or support strut rod to increase the decoration and stability.