Step 1: First thing you should do is washing the end of your rear trunk by car cleaner & water to get rid of any dirt or dust to ensure a better bond. Dry with a microfiber cloth, shammy towel, etc. 


Step 2: The next step is to take isopropyl alcohol, the higher percentage of alcohol will make better effect. Take a clean microfiber cloth & apply some alcohol to it & wipe down the edge of your rear trunk where the actual spoiler will sit. This removes any existing wax so the double-sided tape will stick better.


Step 3: Next, you need to apply the double sided tape to the spoiler itself. Using 3M Adhesive Double Sided Tape or any reliable automotive double sided tape. When placing the double tape on the mounting back of the spoiler, need to leave at least 3mm distance away from the spoiler mounted surface edge.


Step 4: Place the spoiler on the rear trunk with the correct location. For specific spoiler, there was a groove molded into it that fit flush with the corner of the trunk lid. After placing the spoiler where you want it, place several pieces of masking tape around the spoiler to mark its location. Make sure that there is an even gap between the edge of the rear trunk & the edge of the spoiler on both sides.


Step 5: After placing the tape, place a couple of pieces tape connecting the front of the spoiler directly onto the rear trunk, then draw a line with a pen or marker going down the length of the tape. Then separate it where the tape meets the spoiler. When you install the spoiler, you will use these markings to line up the spoiler accordingly.



Step 6: After getting the placement correct, take a hair dryer (or if you're careful a heat gun would work) and warm up the surface of the trunk edge. It does not have to be hot, just warm to the touch. Next use the hair dryer on high heat to heat up the tape, the acrylic based tape will heat up quickly. This step makes the tape more pliable as well as more adhesive.


Step 7: Next, take off the red backing of the double sided tape and CAREFULLY line up one side of the spoiler to the position you marked on the trunk.

ONCE THE TAPE MAKES CONTACT WITH THE TRUNK, IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO LIFT BACK UP OR REPOSITION. After you have one side down, slowly make your way down the length of the spoiler by carefully pressing down.


Step 8: After, the spoiler is installed, an additional step would be to use masking tape to apply pressure onto the spoiler overnight. This allows the tape to reach its maximum adhesion strength. Note that it is critical that you do not tape from the center lip of the spoiler to the back of the trunk, you want the front edge of the spoiler to stay as planted to the trunk as possible. 


Step 9: After the double sided tape had time to settle, gently remove the remaining masking tape and stand back to admire your work.