Step 1: First thing you should do is clean bumper with car cleaner & water to get rid of any dirt or dust to ensure a better bond. Dry with a microfiber cloth, shammy towel, etc.


Step 2: The next step is to use Isopropyl Alcohol or Cleaning Naphtha with a clean microfiber cloth & wipe down your bumper where the actual bumper splitter will sit. This removes any existing wax so the double-sided tape will stick better.


Step 3: Place several pieces of masking tapes around the splitter to secure its position. Make sure there isn’t any gap between splitter and bumper.


Step 4: Take some Cleaning Naphtha to clean the inside mounting surface of the splitter for ready to apply the 3M double sided tape.


Step 5: When applying double side tape, we suggest to leave 1mm to 2mm gap from the edge of the splitter side, if you apply the double side tape too close or just on the edge, you may probably will see the double side tape clearly between the splitter and bumper.



Step 6: Before tearing down all the protect film of the double side tape, please put the splitter back on the bumper to make sure the install position and no gap with the bumper.


Step 7: After checking everything done, tearing down the protect film of the double side tape and put it stick on the bumper.


Step 8: Applying some masking tape again around the splitter to make it fixed and wait for 4~8 hours make the double side tape get its maximum viscosity.